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Three Ways a Massage Therapist Can Help Improve Your Health

October 07, 2015

You might already be familiar with massages as a luxurious way to pamper yourself during stressful times. But did you know that massage also benefits various aspects of your health in a wide variety of ways? Therapeutic massage therapy—which involves the manipulation of body tissue through varying degrees of pressure via the touch of a massage therapist—boasts a long list of potential boosts to your health, including significant effects on pain, as well as the symptoms of various other conditions. The following list includes but a few examples of how a massage therapist Fort Lauderdale can help you assess your health needs, and craft a healing massage regimen especially for you.

1. Relieve Depression

Massage therapy can have an effect on depression and anxiety. When you get a massage, your body releases endorphins, which, in simplest terms, make you feel good. Endorphins are what cause you to feel pleasure, as well as calm, happy, and relaxed. Due to the effect of these endorphins, a massage from an experienced therapist can leave you feeling more energized, with a boost of a self-esteem, to boot.

2. Boost Your Immune System

During a massage, your body will also increase its creation of T cells. These cells are a powerful part of your immune system, and serve to help your body fight off viruses. By receiving regular massages, you’ll continually give your body’s immune system that extra line of defense to keep you feeling your best.

3. Help for Chronic Pain

A lot of your chronic pain can be caused by stress, including but not limited to tension headaches, neck, back, and shoulder pain. Since massage relieves stress and works your body tissue to relieve deep-rooted tension, regular massage can dramatically decrease your chronic pain. Massage can also help relieve the symptoms of chronically painful conditions such as fibromyalgia and temporomandibular joint pain.

In addition to these benefits, an experienced massage therapist Fort Lauderdale can offer you advice on lifestyle adjustments that go hand in hand with your personalized massage therapy treatments. Continued massage therapy on a regular basis is recommended in order to get the full benefits and continue the effects—consider this a perfect excuse to treat yourself in the name of your health!

There are few better ways to relax and heal, and there’s no better time than now to consider a consultation with a massage therapist Fort Lauderdale. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit through the healing hands of therapeutic massage.

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